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About Us

The Power of 90 Days was created to help you embrace the process of becoming you, to walk you, step-by-step, through the hard times and to celebrate your victories.

Privately owned, Spuggz, LLC, Nevada entity number NV20121771271, Clark County business license number 2001552.054-122, herein known as Spuggz, was filed in the state of Nevada in December of 2012.  

Spuggz is engaged in the business of providing coaching services in the fields of Addiction Recovery, Life Discovery (personal coaching) and Business Coaching/Consulting.

Our programs involve a revolutionary way of approaching and treating health, wellness and addiction recovery concerns, achieving life goals and obtaining business success.

Products and Services Managed and Operated Through Spuggz:

  • Power of 90 Days - Online Addiction Recovery Program
  • Power of 90 Days - Online Life Discovery Life Coaching
  • Power of 90 Days - Business Coaching
  • 9 Things You Should Know - Information Website
  • Publishing and Promotions for Granny Spuggz
  • Granny Spuggz - Blog
  • The Magic Wagon - Stories of Addiction Recovery
  • Lifestyle Cell Therapy - Website provides education on  products andservices that support the health and regeneration of the body's cells and biological structure.

From 1985 to 2003, our expertise was in the field of business-coaching and consulting.  In 2003 we formed the Weslyn Business Group to add marketing, advertising and promotions to our services.  

In 2012 we closed down the Weslyn Business Group and created a company with services focused more on internet advertising than on print advertising. Thus, Spuggz, LLC was created.

In 2016, a project was brought to our attention asking us to promote a stem-cell therapy project that used the stem cells from the umbilical cords of live, healthy-born babies.  Intrigued by the potential of stem-cell therapy to repair and regenerate damaged, dormant or dying stem cells in humans, we spent over two years and close to a half a million dollars, researching and studying the potential, the effects and the dangers of stem-cell therapy. 

Finding that the benefits far outweighed any potential risks, we knew this was a field we had to get involved in.  During this time, we also established the historical first, medical malpractice policy specifically for stem-cell therapy. 

We then used that data to support our current methodology and projections. 

After visiting several labs and conferring with countless scientists, chemists, physicians and experts in the field of stem-cell therapy, we realized the potential stem-cell therapy has to aid in addiction recovery.  

From there, we created the Power of 90 Days Addiction, Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program and added it to our coaching programs.